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November 08, 2017



For what it is worth there are people today who embrace the neoliberal label. I am one of them.


So is Sam Bowman at the Adam Smith institute


Here is a Vice piece interviewing various young neoliberals


Here is the reddit for young neoliberals


In all of these contexts neoliberal generally refers to some who affirmatively rejects both the reactionary isolationism of the New Right and the socialism growing on the Left. In contrast to libertarianism it accepts a role for the welfare state and is open to a broad range of liberal democratic set-ups.

For most self described neoliberals South Korea and Denmark both represent positive political economy role models.

What links them is a common sense that economic growth, individual liberty and particularly a flexible and dynamic system.

Clarine Berry

The problem is NOT neo-liberalism the problem is the american project based on Rockefelleres foundations Wall Street hedge-funds and new economic order imposing wars destroying millions of families regime changes i Brazil Russia India SAfrica Somalia Kenya Congo,Angola,Philipines,China,Hong-Kong EnglandArgentinaBoliviaVenezelaNicaragua ,Cuba ,can you plz leave Russia and China in peace??not like US did in Curacao,Aruba,France,Grenadines,Turkey,Libya.Syria,El Salvador Paraguay wars for resourcs and destruction

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