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April 17, 2017



Like social science today, this piece too begins with the need to prove that this was predictable and indeed DANI had predicted it.
In the middle there are a number of 'what ifs' all resting on the actions of the main parties in a sharply divided polity.
What needs to be confronted tho is how Erdogan used a mix of populism and economic development to take things this far. Moreover prior to him economic policy lurched from sporadic development and crisis with many imf programs and various WB loans.
What I would expect from DANI is a considered piece on where conventional economic policies and the IFIs might be leading us? What should be done differently.
I write this from Pakistan where we love turkey. And our leaders are looking to Erdigan. I will not be surprised if they seek this direction in coming years.
But clearly in Pakistan, democracy, conventional economics and IFIs have not been able to either deliver development or alleviate polarization of ideologies.


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