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May 04, 2015


Hung Quy

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ray johns

I know that there is a lot to fix in TPP and TTIF and Republicans will fight tooth and nail to make that impossible . They want to protect their powerful Corporate sponsors. The Republicans tried to link approval of TAA to welfare/medicare cuts. When haven't we seen this favorite GOP trick to stop anything that Obama wants to do? We've seen Republicans play recklessly with American lives since Obama/Biden were elected in 2008. IT isn't just the TPP and TTIF trade pacts that might cost some Americans their jobs but the country being too tightly tied to international economic competition and trade(globalization) . But, is the right way to save American jobs really to withdraw from international economic relations all together? That's what would happen if we don't try and make TPP a fair trade agreement.


Great post! However, my understanding is that the issue with ISDS is ultimately not one of gains/losses from trade but about circumventing the role of the courts, in favour of private arbitration. Also of concern, is the blatant abuse of ISDS provision and treaty shopping as evidenced by Phillip Morris Pty Ltd. and the Australian Government when the latter introduced plain packaging laws.
The link contains a speech by Chief Justice French about why we should be concerned about ISDS, and this is largely about the secrecy under which the arbitral tribunals operate.


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I enjoyed reading this and the following article. In the next few days, I will most likely cite them in a draft I will write about the MERCOSUR-Euro agreement.

Thank you for also contributing content to Project Syndicate!


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