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June 04, 2013


Tord Steiro

Isn't some of the problem here that, police brutality, seem to be the only thing that actually unites the crowds?

I am in no sense an expert on Turkey, however, as far as I have understood, the crowds consists of (at least) the following fractions:

1. Environmentalists
2. Ataturk supporters
3. Secular right-wing fascists
4. Moderate leftists, the occupy movement, and the labour movement
5. Violent left-wing, communists and anarchists
6. Kurdish youth movements
7. Classic liberals
8. Anti-prohibitionists
9. Disillusioned young people from Erdogans urban core (as different from the rural core).

That's a pretty weird coalition if you ask me, but if they stick together until Erdogan is back - and then some - I think we can count on his political career to be in severe danger.

Although that may not spill over on the political clout of neither the AK party, nor the Gulen movement.


Turkey’s Protests Send a Strong Message, But Will Not Bring Democracy


Turkey’s Protests Send a Strong Message, But Will Not Bring Democracy

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Ankar Alemi

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Seth Lavine

I am pining away at work and just came across this article. Thank you for an insightful look at the situation in Turkey.


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