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May 07, 2013



Speaking as one of the barbarians, thanks for the ammunition!

Hugh Roberts

Dani Rodrik - one can only admire, deeply, the things you've done in the economics profession. And yet, I am tempted to say that in the kingdom of the blind the one eyed man is king. There are much bigger questions that should be addressed under the title "What is wrong (and right) in Economics". Michael Sandel is hardly the only thinker to make surgical excoriations of economics. If there are no answers to them, one assumes they are unanswerable. Economics has in the last hundred years developed an extraordinary intellectual hegemony, with vast consequences. Doesn't this piece continue a long, inglorious tradition of the profession failing to answer its critics?

Bill Mangione-smith

My training and work is as a computer engineer and I'm a recovering academic. I found this article via Duncan - thus politics. I was quite surprised to see how much of the early discussion was relevant to my view of computer architecture research, research careers, and communal failings. Now I'm off to see if I can understand much, or any, of the Francisco Rodriguez paper mentioned above! Bravo, fascinating post.

Jianghuai Zheng

I totally agree with your opinion to the attitude of mainstream economics to government.Actually government either intervenes the market or enhances the market,especially in transition economy,like China.Since the government work out the solution of their own problem under different politic systems, it will produce the specific effect on the structure change in specific ways.Even if we can use the series of mainstream methods,we should face the objective behavior of government,not wear a polarized lenses to filter the different factors from the traditional theories.You have done great job to innovate some of the traditional thoughts in the mainstream economics.


Thank you very much for these insights! I`m working on a PhD on behavioral microfoundations of retail credit markets and I've found your sentence "challenging the conventional wisdom... is a high risk, high return strategy" particularly describing of what we do!!

Francesco Totino

very interesting !!! and according to what i wrote about G 20 Worldwide Growth Strategy and global finance rules
If we want to have a long term balanced social developmente we need take the following actions


read more avis


Excellent post. I found this note quite revealing.

"One of my Harvard colleagues asked me in the Q&A session: “why are you doing this?” It was a stunning question. It was as if knowledge of a certain kind was dangerous."

There's a lot of that going around lately.

Sugandha Srivastav

Aw you didn't just ride the wave, you shaped it! The best part of your writing is that you make it lucid and unpretentious! About using standard economic logic though, I would disagree slightly. Depends how you want to play it. Karl Marx used non standard logic to describe very standard phenomena and that book changed history! It is what you are after. The pursuit of academic acceptance versus inner revelation are two very different things. It also depends on your own ideological views.


Quite a nice piece. A bit surprised its coming from here though. But worthwhile all the same.

Ankar Alemi

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Daniel Perumal

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