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February 17, 2013



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Harry Jones

Thanks for the interesting post, Dani

You and your readers may be interested to see some work recently published by the ODI, on knowledge, policy and power. In the book published last year we tried to bring together the available evidence relating to the interaction of ideas and interests, and provide a framework for understanding this. http://www.policypress.co.uk/display.asp?K=9781447300953

We have also recently published some short briefing notes summarising the framework: http://www.odi.org.uk/sites/odi.org.uk/files/odi-assets/publications-opinion-files/8201.pdf

There is definitely a need for more research, but I think we've provided a look at the current state-of-the-art. We're also currently conducting a number of studies applying the framework in Nepal, the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia, which should provide some ideas about the applicability to development issues.

Kinsell Emma

Ideas determine the strategies.I agree with that statement.
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I agree that ideas determine political actors' views.
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It is in part self-criticism as well, as some of my earlier work was very much in this tradition. The alternative title for the column was “Confessions of a One-Time Political Economist.”

m robert

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