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March 25, 2012


Ian Seda

My understanding of the Erdogan govt is that it behaves just like the military it supposedly dispises. Plain and simply put, its a fascist govt. It's so funny how he is applauded in the west.

Account Deleted

Is it really funny that Erdogan is applauded in the West ?

Besides as far as the Gülen Movement is concerned, why US supports this man who full speed aims to destroy secular system in Turkey.

Could someone tell me why top CIA people supported his visa application together with former US Ambassador and all the so called Turkey experts in US.. The usual henry Barkey, Morton Abromowitz, Makovsky etc..

I had great respect for US and thought it was a leading force in so called free world against communists etc.

Now, it is unfortunate that so many innocent people are in prison as a result of Gülen movements infiltration of the judiciary and police force..
fully supported by US..

By the way almost everyone who was against the intervention in Iraq together with US back in 2003,

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The last paragraph should have the following after 2003

..., are now under arrest.

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Nogle af de påfund er så ekstreme, og amatøragtig, at Erdogan må have vidst hele tiden,Nike Free Sko selv om hans egen snævre kreds var ikke initiativtager.

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My understanding of the Erdogan govt is that it behaves just like the military it supposedly dispises. Plain and simply put, its a fascist govt. It's so funny how he is applauded in the west.
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My understanding of the Erdogan govt is that it behaves just like the military it supposedly dispises. Plain and simply put, its a fascist govt. It's so funny how he is applauded in the west. Adidas Jeremy Scott


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Today's politicians no longer care about going down in history. Instead, they'll do anything to generate a huge turnout of voters supporting them.

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My understanding of the Erdogan govt is that it behaves just like the military it supposedly dispises. Plain and simply put, its a fascist govt. It's so funny how he is applauded in the west. seo


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How will Prime Minister enter into the history books? You do not need to worry about that. He established himself a long time ago as the most successul leader of Turkey since 1923 superseeding Turgut Ozal and not Mustafa Kemal.


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How will Erdogan enter history books? Very successful if you call success what Hitler had accomplished too in managing and driving ignorance to go his own way. Otherwise no doubt he will be trashed as another nuisance having confronted arts, intellect, justice and honesty in all his conduct.

Ojal Madhavi

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Ojal Madhavi

Surely Erdoğan would have a number of good reasons in claim that the law enforcement and prosecutors have thoroughly mislead him term.

Allen Wise

The path of least resistance will be to let the fraud run its course and stand by as a sham court issues certain convictions. That, however, is the surest way to undermine his future political legacy.

Jimmy Jam

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Tuğçe Yılmaz

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Calvin Brock

If he goes on with business as usual, Erdoğan will go down in history as a political leader who allowed a grotesque miscarriage of justice to take place under his watch. Sección Amarilla


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I think he will be a big problem in the future for europe and the world.

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