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November 09, 2011


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I like your points of view. i just keep on wonder why it took so long for Greece to be publicly scrutinized for it's lack of effort to respond to the European standard since its acceptance. Public Man

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I think Greece is the nightmare now. Hope they'll get trough it with success.
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The Paninaro movement was also diffused in some European countries, and is immortalized in the 1986 cult song "Paninaro" by the Pet Shop Boys.http://bit.ly/t8aK54

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Ronald Truman

The only reason Europe ever implemented the EURO was to try to overthrow the US dollar. It backfired, horribly.

However the US is in much worse shape with a 15 trillion deficit compared to Greece's meesly 500 billion. When China stops bailing the US out we are done. Stick a fork in it.

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John William

The Euro is toast.

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Great article, but I can tell you, we can't fix the broken economy of too many countries we just can't! Handy Moves

John Hampton

The euro is done. See ya.
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Athena Bell

greece is going down the toilet
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I must agree that the risks of a Greek default affecting eurozone and consequently the global economy is inevitable, given the exposure leading European banks have throughout the country and the share of the world economy the eurozone demands.
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I with you completely agree, the political consequences could be far worse.
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Jorolo Makacko

I wonder what will happen in France, as they have new president.

Regards, Jorolok

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