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October 11, 2011


Andrew Lee

right after i read the story "I, pencil" in "Free to choose," I thought "How about I write a story called 'I, computer,' or 'I, internet'?"


He'd be thrilled, because the pencils are of lower quality, environmental standards are lower, and workers are more likely to be abused. Like all conservatives, his intelligence was put to work masking his selfishness and sadism.

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Great article Professor. I'm from Argentina. I love Friedman point of view. I think the only thing he missed was that Humans are the worst missery on earth. The problem isn't the Free Market System. The problem is the ambitious people who make people work for pennys, waste natural resources just to make themself wealth bigger. I think that the key in economic is in the Human psychology. Free Maket is a perfect system: Adaptable, Extensible, that can get over most difficult crisis. Sorry for my english! Best regards.

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Furukawa Tomo

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I read the story and I respect this man's influence but what would he think, who knows may be he would be disappointed.Moving

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Hux, I was upset about Bourgeois too. Especially because last night I was saying to Mr Tesco "famous people die in threes, you mark my words!" and we speculated that it would be a real bastard if it was someone as cool as Hopper. I blame myself. And her advanced age, of course.

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John Hampton

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Athena Bell

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Eddie Robertson565

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That first comment says everything about you, Btooke! It is so true; your generosity of spirit is palpable; and everyone can hear it and feel it when reading your words!
Dear Elizabeth can hear it and feel it!

You are a rare lovely creature! And Steve and the rest of your family are rare creatures as well!

Patina Farm will be the most heavenly place......and we are all so so lucky to be able to see it from" vacant lot" To "farm heaven on earth"!

I will try to make "Big Daddy's opening" on Saturday! I really will!


ps you know that chair that has all that funny stuffing? I found out what it is! The very best upholstery used "curly boar hair; and curly horse hair" Those were the best made chairs.......and they still are!

De Angelis in New York City! I think they are still the top of the top!

Lily Yago

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