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September 27, 2011


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the disparity between the ratio of poor and rich in the world is getting high every year. and it seem convergence would be impossible.

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I agree with the comments above! The poor are getting poorer and the rich - richer!
This picture is very good, though!Thank you for sharing!

Yingyue Han

The upside down subtitle is a nice touch.

Gini is soon going to see a new group graduating and rising into the 0.4s.

Joseph Bank

Don't demonize those that achieved the american dream. That's silly.

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i think its not about demonizing those that achieved the american dream, its more of embracing reality. statistic shows that in every one kid born in US, there are 16 kids somewhere out there in other part of the world are deprived for basic necessities in order to live.



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I just wrote something similar on my blog, South Sudan independence is kinda odd taking it as "new country".

People counting on South Sudan to be the new age US country on Africa, but its just another old fashion country in Africa.


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John Casteloo

Nice, I think Sudan have long way to go as a country.

Mario and Luigi

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Anna Kline

finally something I can pass on.

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It's really nice that there is somebody who focus the attention to South Sudan. It's usually underrated as to the consequences of the war. Thank you!
J. Van


Excellent post! Finally someone is focused on South Sudan!


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Nice pic of the south Sudan


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those people just lack discipline, same with my country.
They already know that they cant afford to provide for themselves alone but still go have lots of children.
Are those cows on the highway?
-bianca from Ayala Land Premier

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I fully agree with previous comments. ...the disparity between the ratio of poor and rich in the world is getting high every year. The poor are getting poorer and the rich - richer. ...what a sad situation. russische frauen


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John Hampton

Africa? really?
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Athena Bell

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So true!


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