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August 12, 2011


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In my humble oppinion, the author needs to elaborate or at least quantify “a good number of them” to begin with. Many of them criticize the way the court proceeds while acknowledging the “alleged” wrongdoings of his father in law who was caught on tape in recommending shameful tactics to justify a plot. I am certainly one “those” liberal democrats. And I know “a good number of them” being in the same oppinion camp. I detest to see an important case being diluted by alleged false fabrications by security and the judiciary and equally discredited through chaff and noise by the counterparty of which this author has a vested interest in. I would be more respectful of his oppinion if I could see some self-criticism by him and other supporters acknowledging their responsabilities (large or small) why all these events turned out as such. If the counterparty in question did not perform similar or even worse shameful tactics in the past against its own people, I am sure it would find more than “a good number of them” supporting their cause. Yes, two wrongs does not make right but in the path of normalisation the shifted pendulum never balances at equilibrium. Whether we like it or not.

Donald Pillsman

Why are you taking offense, Levend? Because your president is a joke and the democratic party is going the way of the USSR?

John from

Dhayl Strikes

I'm not really sure what their goal is. Clearly, they hope to bring attention to their claims about that issue.

Dharyl Strikes
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This didn't make alot of sense.


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