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August 29, 2011


Tord Steiro

Dani, I generally have very high thoughts about you and your judgement. And, yes, I know this is personal to you, nevertheless, our points of view on the Eregenekon sham is pretty much overlapping.

However, linking to a site that generally features poorly concealed hate speech by Barry Rubin, is beyond me. I am flabbergasted by this act of self-inflicted discredit on your behalf.

And, if Gareth Jenkins (who, by the way, is new to me) is worried about being discredited, I don't really understand that he accepts to publish on GLORIA, which will inevitably associate him with Barry Rubin, at all.

His credibility is automatically put into question by that association. And, it certainly doesn't help that the proofs for this alleged conspiracy are weak.

The Ergenekon is a sham, and it is highly alarming that Turkey's government is about to forget about certain basic human rights. But this appears to be unsubstantiated conspiracy theory. Or propaganda, if you like.


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John Hampton

i wish our country would vote Ron Paul..
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Lana Horvat

Jenkins is really a brave man. His writing about this issue is outstanding. Wish him all well.

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