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May 17, 2011



Kemal Dervis has co-taught a Global Economic Governance course at Columbia's SIPA since Fall 2009. If readers are interested in his worldview, they can find a sample chapter of his 2005 book here. I fully agree he'd be a perfect choice.


Dervis is the top candidate for the IMF post.

Helmut Reisen

I could not agree more. And what is more (and has to be told to Angela Merkel): his mother is Dutch-German; that will convince her, perhaps...

Helmut Reisen

Kemal Dervis reflects best the shifting center of gravity from the West twd the East, but will not be a cold-turkey leader (this is what the Latin Europeans are dreading right now).

David Sayers

I'd agree that in terms of qualifications, Dervis is the right man for the job. But you do realize that given his private record, we'll most likely get a repeat performance of the whole DSK affair within a few years?

Somnath Sen

I agree, the IMF needs an economist, a professional and an academic rather than a politician. For very long it has been dominated by West European political types, and given their propensity to be corrupt and scandal prone, its time to change. Of course, Gordon Brown would also break the mould, but he has own problems!

Can Erbil

I agree whole heartedly!

Kemal Dervis would do a superb job.

It would be a win-win-win situation for the IMF, Europe and the developing country initiative.

F Genas

All this ...appraisal for nothing! He has withdrawn his candidacy!
Bad luck Rodrik, whatever you were aiming at ...;)

Account Deleted

Even if he has withdrawn his candidacy. We would be glad to see him as a candidate. May be next time...


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I don't agree with Kemal Dervis becoming the next MF Managing Director. What has he done and what positive impacts are noteworthy? http://www.study-aids.co.uk


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Jaime Rob

He will not be the IMF leader

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I dont know who is Kemal.. but i hope he work well..:)


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