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April 29, 2011


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This is one of the most respectable green ideas I've seen yet. He's actually building something. He actually has something to show instead of just having ideas. He hasn't just built a radical house or a hippie > commune here. He's built an entire system--one that actually works and is exportable. I'll admit that the idea still needs to be developed more before we can have a sort of engineering revolution, but this is the direction we need to be going for sure.

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I challenge any intelligent person who believes in man made global warming to research reports by scientists not working for governments & scientists who are in the pockets of governments & decide for themselves weather Global Warming is man made or not. If anybody genuine cares about what is happening to our planet please invest some of your spare time in researching both schools of thought.

The dangers facing our planet are serious, but you will conclude that all is not what it seems !

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This is one of the most respectable green ideas I've seen

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Must you use the f-word, that is just terrible. Do you realize there are ladies on this board? Do you swear in real life? Here I come to this video thinking it would be funny, I saw it in the related videos when I was watching the year-end tribute to JHU video, and I'm met with the f-word, not only in the video but the comments as well. This makes me so mad!! How can you people talk this.


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it also applies to Belarusians, at least partially.


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