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March 02, 2011


Peter Richens

This recent World Bank study would seem to suggest the type of structural change you observe in other African countries does not apply to Uganda:
Overall, poor within sector productivity growth has been compensated for by 'good' intersectoral shifts. On closer examination (table 7) however, this is driven by construction and real estate - sectors which have high levels of productivity but have recently experienced negative productivity growth, raising the question of how sustainable the reliance on such structural change can be.

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I´ve got a question and a comment. I hope you read these all. First, the comment. I´ve been working on this issues in Cuba for three years. I wrote my Master thesis on the topic and i found that Cuba stands more in line with the Latin American experience. The question is: what do you mean by weighted and unweighted structural change?

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I think your FT was quite good. I want to add one hiphone important thing, though. And that is, we should not forget that the ongoing bogus KCK trial is also almost entirely a product of wholesale Gulenists and that lousy newspaper that calls itself Zaman, just like this new wave of journalist arrests, and the Sledgehemmer case. Let us not forget that hundreds of elected Kurdish politicians and activists are in prison right now for doing nothing more than exercising their fundamental human rights. 2945abc45 0422

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