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March 30, 2011



What does it say that your 2 examples of African leaders are pretty autocratic?


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I've yet to read the Globalization Paradox (where is the amazon.co.uk kindle edition?) but to borrow an idea from one of your earlier books, doesn't this depend on whether you see the binding constraint as too low social returns or inadequate private appropriability of those returns. If the former, due to being landlocked, high transportation costs etc. surely it makes sense to focus on infrastructure. If the latter, then industrial policy has a role.


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I do wish I had talked about this. But I am more sanguine about the relevance of the ideas to Africa.


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litoqtan nice to know here in the philippines someone is also acutely aware of the darkside of globalization and the misaligned paradigm of its alleged virtue and positive benefits.


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I might be able to help his thinking on economic matters.

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I buy the bulk of what Dani has to say, though I’m not sure that I believe his prescriptions will work for the poorest areas of the planet, most of all sub-Saharan Africa.

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