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March 15, 2011


T Man

"States are weakened, perhaps fatally, as globalization advances". If only. You obviously don't follow Latin American news too closely. Being from Latin America I wish international rules/globalization would constrain national govts.

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Jacob AG

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Singapore's government also have a virtual monopoly on all land sales? I remember reading that somewhere... Oh, here it is:


Maybe Don Boudreaux has a lot of faith in the Heritage Index.

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Being from Latin America I wish international rules/globalization would constrain national govts.
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Since when was weakening the WTO (if that is indeed what's going on) a bad thing? The set-up of the WTO, all of its accords and the GATS in particular were all brought to us by Jeffrey Sach's 'wrong economic model of the world', the same one that brought us the onging global economic crisis and precipitated the 'Arab Spring'. Ironic though it is that the anti-democratic and oligopolistic corporatization of the world that is at the centre of all that the WTO does should have precipitated discounted gucci such an uprising against repression,the fact remains that the way that the WTO was conceived and built is antithetical to everything discount gucci handbags democracy is supposed to stand for. 2945abc45 0421

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Lena Kong

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