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February 25, 2011


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Interesting piece. What is the source of the productivity data time series?

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What is the evolution of absolute labor productivity of agriculture ? Does it rises, lower or stay put in the lower stages of development ? If the later case, the fact being stated is that agricultural productivity is not affected by development before a certain stage is reached - maybe until rural exodus is strong enough that rural population actually goes down ?

Youcef Msaid

Some of the pattern might be mechanically driven by demographic transition. High population growth at first that washes out productivity gains and the transition kicks in at some point.
Very interesting, in any case!

Hal Neufmille

@Antonin Lucas: Assuming that the technology doesn't change in earlier stages of development (and exhibits decreasing returns to labor input), productivity should rise because fewer workers exploit the same amount of land.


Interesting patterns. I agree with the practical conclusions that economies need to diversity into new industries and also allow labor to move into the more productive industries.

Governments should assist by devising practical ways of easing the pain of moving from a rural to an urban lifestyle, or from a lifelong occupation into another one.

Paul Swinney

It would be interesting to see if a similar relationship holds between manufacturing and services, particularly at a city level within a developed country. It could explain the divergence of performance within a country.

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@Hal : Well, maybe what this shows is that the number of agricultural workers doesn't decrease all that much during the early stage of development, and it is the surplus population of the demographic transition that is moving to the cities. Also, in non-modernised agricultural system, land productivity decreases when less labour is applied, rather than being constant.

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