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December 26, 2010


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Dear Dani and Pinar,

We were really impressed with the interview that you gave on CNN yesterday, and wish you all the best in your fight against the injustice done to your father! I myself began living in Turkey a few years ago and am aware of the importance of the truth being uncovered in the Balyoz case... Keep up the good work!

Steve Russel

Fantabulous, out of this world…great man, you have proved the world that innovation is not lost from the universe. I am so influenced by your way of expression; I think I will work to improve mine…great going dude!!!


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Balyoz is beautiful book thank you

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thank you!


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Your discussion in Chapter Three of the case for free trade is magnificent! Especially pages 51 to 53 where you explain that there is more to the objections to free trade than the mercantilist fallacy that free traders are so fond of debunking. I have been engaged in a complementary study of how mainstream economists insist on repeatedly debunking the lump-of-labor fallacy when it comes to arguments for shorter working time. The case for shorter hours is similarly based on the social costs of long hours, not on some crude assumption about a fixed amount of work to be done.


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Thanks for sharing. Good work.

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Three years later, many past memories in the past, I still remember, we took up our memory, carefully to deep-rooted of comb the scenes, then will they old old scotch in the bottom of my heart, forever stored, let them lasting smelt sweet, go through the future with our journey of life.

Frank Baier

I myself began living in Turkey a few years ago and am aware of the importance



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Readers of this book will probably for its allegory sex impressive. And fable is just the modern novel aesthetics of a danger zone - here, we believe everything for representation, some truth behind always run,


Globalization is our future. This book try to tell us about it.

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nice books.. i already read BALYOZ


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