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November 06, 2010



Congratulations man... you did the best you can. Keep it up.

escalante blogger

This is the first time I saw a diploma like that.

Hans Lavilla Ruiz

I was that afternoon at the conference you gave at Catholic University of Peru. I worked with professor Tello on the topic of Structural Change for Peru, so I am waiting for your final paper because I am interested on this topic. Thanks professor, and I hope you have spent a great experiencie here in Peru.

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In Universidad del Rosario, (Bogotá, Colombia), you can get a bigger one.

Sam Wilson | Credit Cards for Students

That IS a large diploma. I wonder what's written on it that needs to take up THAT amount of space. Full details on your course, perhaps? :)

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it is astonishing for me to see this diploma.

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Thanks for sharing.

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