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June 17, 2010



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It's in the question itself. Of course, people can't afford if the price is too high for the minimum food they eat.

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For all its faults, IS promoted rapid structural change. Labor moved from agriculture to industry, and within industry from lower-productivity activities to higher-productivity ones. So much for the inherent inefficiency of IS policies!

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Under WC, firms and industries were able to accomplish a comparable rate of productivity growth, but they did so by shedding (rather than hiring) labor. The displaced labor went not to higher-productivity activities, but to less productive lines of work such as informality and various services. In other words, the WC ended up promoting the wrong kind of structural change. http://www.mbtfootwearusa.com/

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For all its faults, IS promoted rapid structural change. Labor moved from agriculture to industry, and within industry from lower-productivity activities to higher-productivity ones. So much for the inherent inefficiency of IS policies! Wholesale Beads

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Yeah I was wondering what it means to have stored up a warchest of 30% of GDP - surely the most sensible thing to do with any budget surplus is pay down the national debt (unless there is none).
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In South Korea Visit, Obama Visits Border and Warns North
PANMUNJOM, South Korea — President Obama warned North Korea on Sunday that its threats and provocations would only deepen its international isolation and jeopardize the resumption of American food aid, and he called on the North to scrap its plans to launch a satellite next month.
Squinting through binoculars from an observation post at the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea, Mr. Obama got a firsthand look at North Korea. The North, with a new leader in place, briefly tantalized the United States weeks ago by raising the possibility of ending the standoff over its nuclear program, only to resume its usual defiance with the recent satellite announcement.

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income may be distributed more unequally in the U.S., but that is largely irrelevant. As the chart below shows, very few Chinese are richer than the poorest Americans. The distributions of income for the two countries barely overlap. Unlock iOS 6

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