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March 11, 2010


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Is this decision purely political or based on academic research? CPA Chandler


Interesting post. I am not sure if this what I would call a revolution, but it's certainly important.


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The administration's new regulation proposal contains procedures that will essentially quarantine financial companies in trouble, making it easier for the feds to step in and isolate problem operations.
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Inspiring Article! The Economic growth always depends on the word “Trust”.
But now a day, there is no place for the word “Trust” in entire “Universe”, the only object that the world moves today is “Money”.
Democracy, rule of law, political competition, and the levels of corruption, all these are the main reasons for the financial crisis of any nation..

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Thanks! Thanks a lot, the policy against the financial crisis that killed the governance is really amazing. I completely agree with the policy. The sentence, “The case for governance reform is that it is a good thing to do in and of itself. But don't confuse it for a growth strategy” makes a correct sense of the policy.

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Great post thanks, like your blog layout too. Is it Drupal?


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