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November 01, 2008


tom s.

I have stayed away from the Kindle, although fading eyes may yet draw me to its resizable fonts. I fear the economic consequences of a book reader that is tied to a book vendor. Will we all, internationally, buy our music from Apple and or books from Amazon? And will that be good or bad for the music and literature parts of our culture? I suspect there is a commons out there that is being overgrazed.


Do you use your Kindle for reading journal articles or other types of .pdfs? I'm a grad student, spend a fair amount of time on public transportation, and also trying to reduce the amount I print, so the Kindle seems ideal. Any thoughts on using the Kindle for non-book reading?

Dani Rodrik

Kindle is useless for reading serious economics--tables and equations are pretty illegible.

Bruce Wilder

Plastic Logic is coming. Despair not.


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