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October 12, 2008


Per Kurowski

Sorry but I am perfectly clear on who was the assassin.

It was the financial regulator who ignored the importance of the markets being able to decide freely who it wants to listen to, and empowered and imposed on the market, thru so many ways, shapes or forms, the opinions of some few credit rating agencies.

Let us not forget that the current crisis did not result from the market investing in badly awarded mortgage loans to what is known as the subprime sector, very few dollars went there, but from investing in prime rated securities collateralized with such mortgages, trillions of dollars did, from all over the world.

Now authorities seem to be threatening with digging ourselves even deeper into the hole, guaranteeing that now there will be better procedures for better credit ratings… or, even starting to rate themselves and so that we can really be sure. This certainly must be the mother of all moral hazards!


How on earth do you not place some blame on the GSE's. While not the sole culprit, they certainly carry much blame vis a vis a congress and executive that encouraged poor lending standards. Completely ignoring that component is also quite irresponsible.


You could also add SEC recognition of rating agencies and the "issuer-pays" business model to that list of causes. Although Egan-Jones is now recognized, it uses a subscriber business model that eliminates significant conflict of interest. I bet Egan-Jones's pre-crisis ratings were much more accurate than those of Moody's, S&P, and Fitch.


What killed Wall Street?

Leverage as in too much.



That's a terrific column.

Richard Boltuck

Good discussion. I'm surprised that you didn't discuss implicit "too-big-to-fail" Federal insurance, and the impact of the resulting moral hazard on leverage and investing risks among the investment banks, particularly (but other large players as well). I've been blowing that horn in several blog discussions over the past few weeks, but Brad Setser now makes the same point quite nicely here: http://www.economist.com/blogs/freeexchange/2008/10/the_hazard_in_moral_hazard.cfm . I think this is particularly important to acknowledge because it focuses on the whole ambit of discretionary policies that might actually prevent recurrence of such crises in the future. We may never be able to outlaw asset bubbles, but we might be able to adopt policies that prevent the repercussions of bursting them from bringing the financial system to its knees.

Per Kurowski

Brad Setser: “They must either be reduced in size to the extent that the government's promise to let them fail is credible, or they must become more heavily regulated, particularly where leverage is concerned.”

Any thoughts on what the supervised would prefer?

1. A tax on size based on “the bigger you are the more it hurts when you fall on me”?

2. A progressive income tax based on the market share based on the principle of “the more you have of the market the better and leaner you have to be”?

3. Heavy handed regulations?

Any thoughts about the prospects of moral hazardous mission statements like, “It is not size that matters, it is to turn ourselves into the mother of systemic risk that matters”?

Kristina Brooker

I killed wall Street, I'm going out to enjoy the end of demanding strippers.

Kristina Brooker

Relativity: could be interpretated as agreeing their is a
communication between what you are thinking and what is going
on around you. You'll be thinking about something, observe
a "severe statistic" and interpret options about what to expect.

Kristina Brooker

I'm the interest rate, I choose the credit crisis, how –I’ve been
celibate for seven years to take control of the classing adjustment
coupling would cause (oh that's how you won). So consequently
I could probably have the oil price at $170 currently, how -I was
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Instead on July 16th I started exercising.

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Kristina Brooker

I caused the credit crisis, nobody else caused the credit
crisis. The extent anybody else was involved was simply I was
indirectly told one person having sex in the 80's caused a
recession, I waited and tried to take the job of interest rate.

I want to explain something -I only caused the credit crisis
because all the answers to leaving this cash economy are
products and companies currently in the free market system. My plan
was to lower the interest rate as fast as possible and direct
attention to myself with outrageous macro statistics. Which I have a
tendency to be involved with. Another instance besides the credit
crisis was WW3, though that title is an over exageration for
Isreal invading Hizballahland. What happened was I left Newfoundland
and went to Waterloo in June 2006, WW3 started I thought if I went
back to Newfoundland it would end, and the minute I got information
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The solution of using a program to leave the free market system
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It makes sense that the University of Waterloo understands, it is
a technical Uni, this is a technical solution. As well if you
consider the state of industralisation, America's problem is
employment and TV. Canada's employment and TV are close so
relating to the situation in America is easier for Canadian's,
English being the major simaliarity.

That Canada would be a major source of suggestions makes
sense, that Upper class Canada is basically composed of
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schools Waterloo is highly competitive concerning the computer
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Kristina Brooker

Since "the news" has made a predictable error my
question is what do you think my "penis position opinion" is,
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Their are two groups of people you take opinions with, those that
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The point of checking virile is it determines your personal comfort
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Economic Profit:As much money as fast as possible or as long as

Such games include:
-my sex life affecting your employment, leading to jail finding you...
-women getting directions about work, approved by a male owner
-female payment due to no financial opinion happening through ridicule
-teenagers fitting into class expectation
-drug dealers controlling classing through tv
-the FBI not having a reason to to anything so coming up with
problems for work such as deturing communism.
-problems for the sake of problems for the reaction to keep fitting
class expectation so economic profit increases.
-Problems so that the reaction is "I don't understand"

Of course their are exceptions it depends on comfort.

Kristina Brooker

Here's information about sex.

After marriage, live together first, after a certain age, move out of
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Do what you want.
I say twenty due to mature conversation.

How sex negatively effects health is called muscle removal, your sex
muscles become more difficult to contract. If your allowed not to
have sex for 4 years that problems has improved as much as it's
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If the police are controlled by drug dealers it doesn't matter that
the phrase to indicate unhealthy sex is "This is illegal sex".

Kristina Brooker

-We are not understanding the Rock and or Roll, please explain.

2)Fill in Personality
3)Demand Cash

How much should I respect you? Do you need lots of money for appearance
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You'll find the bottom of the problem is the female reality of
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Drug Dealers have problems sleeping while you have options,
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As for reacting the most important question is how much respect do you
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Kristina Brooker

The mother robot's means of survival...

Everybody is taking a stake in her view. Little did she as a child
realise if she was to react like her thougts had a audience she'd
find one. Maybe she thinks her reaction is unexpected/new, Visa
and the drug dealers don't think so.

Mother robot is so nice, so manipulated. Try mother robot try try.


Ya the kids act stupid like Highschool Musical, it's terribly realistic.
Maybe it's that we use them as social pawns to fake the
employment is reasonable.

"Went to see High School Musical III last night."
"How was it?"
"I should have worked harder in high school so I'm talking to
someone better than you about this."
"It was sweet, all the little girls wanted that moment like
when the black people decided to go to the prom together. I think
their in for a surprise about how boys STILL are at twenty :-) .


Why will I robot?

It's like The Smiths line:
"does the mind rule the body or does the body rule the mind
I don't know"

Better said:
-"My body tells my mind things"

over time we notice...

-"Your body tells our mind things"

Kristina Brooker

I had a gift from God, "start a environmental engineering company"
I thought "won't that (oil) shrink the economy, of course replacing
consumption could be work." The dream continues...

The Green Technology Sector is hindered by economic profit.
Money spent being green does not have the same returns as other

Kristina Brooker

"The man who truly and disinterestdly enjoys any one thing in the
world, for its own sake, and without caring two-pence what other
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-The screwtape Letters
By: C.S. Lewis

-The "impressive software" could answer that feeling for you, and
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As an addition: "Everybody is just changing stupidity"

Kristina Brooker

-Playing success amongst the spares is a one on one game of "care about
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I'm (99386493) king of the spares (1942).


After reading Dani's article I'm reminded of a Monty Python skit.

A portly man is seated in a restaurant and brought dish after dish until finally declaring himself completely full. He says to the waiter, " I couldn't eat another bite." At which time the waiter tries to remove a dessert dish before the satiated diner. On the dish there remains one last morsel of dessert. The portly man can't bear to see it taken away. He stays the waiters hand and eats the last morsel of dessert remaining on the plate. A moment later he appears startled. He grabs at his portly belly. Too late, he has taken another bite and proceeds to explode all over the restaurant.

Kristina Brooker

The Jingle comment game

-placement is determined this way:
Approved success is done amongst the spares, it is a one on one game
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I'll make light of the most uncomfortable consequence to this

If you say that everytime at least you understand expensive.

The only welcome comments are Right wing criticisms with a welcome
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-Stop making the DRUG DEALER VIEWER have to listen to your
international conversation about me (the inflation oil price) for
better directions about finding twenty dollars illegally.
A lot of people. Until the final second when you fix the bank cards,
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for people another CAMPAIGN TO MAINTAIN perhaps (follow the information
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Kristina Brooker

Health Programs

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As a fair point anybody over 25 would know satisfaction is
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Kristina Brooker

"Maple" highly complementary
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When considering fixing the enployment, if you were to take the view of doing what engineering wants in terms of education, government and business; that would be the only way to discuss and plan solutions.

Kristina Brooker

If the government/businesses decied to approve my media choices who should the top business (interest rate) answer to, who is my employer?

Organizing who the employers are, while reorganizing and after
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rate my wife

all the crooked traders on wallstreet failed. this is such a scam and hope obama will arrest them.

rate my body

wallstreet killed themselves. it is so sad to see. there are so many crooks on wallstreet.

Kristina Brooker

"The intentional error"

People who are in media are a business and they have this
pattern of statement; they realize the error in the statement,
and know all the possible responses.

For example: Lets complain about the new addition to your
household electricity system, the smartmeter. Lets make the
complaint: "I expect a backstop for this product." or "I expect
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(If you don't know "backstop" means replacing a product because
of environmental improvement.)

The company knows the responses, they are accepting criticism in
this way:

The initial consumer ranking game is "comfortable marriage"

1) Who is your assigned male?
2) Explain why he was employable?
3) Does your memory indicate that your finances want to fit in?
4) Are you changing the system?

The purpose of ranking consumers though marriage-ability is the
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Personal comfort is exactly why their are twenty times the number
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So is my only response to media, "dad had a perfect death".

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