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September 23, 2008



In france, we call this paparazzi politics... Nobody from left to right (and in sarkozy's own majority) believes in this president... (and we all know Carla & Nicolas is a couple just like Claudia Shiffer & D.Copperfield was, a "marketing love story"...)


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Does anyone still believe coughing up money will lead to Africa not being poor anymore? If you did throw big money into it and made sure it went to the people then maybe it can make a difference. I mean America gave over 10 thousand to every Israeli living in Isreal.. well no they didn't. They gave the money to the government, but compared to the amount that is given to Africa is just a fraction of how much is aided to an already developed place.

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I admire Bono a lot! We should do something for the poor.

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Does anyone still believe coughing up money will lead to Africa not being poor anymore? If you did throw big money into it and made sure it went to the people then maybe it can make a difference. I mean America gave over 10 thousand to every Israeli living in Isreal.. well no they didn't. They gave the money to the government, but compared to the amount that is given to

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