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June 21, 2008



Oh my god, this is so funny!


That was an amazing game. The penalty shoot out was scary. I still remember the hard times given by the Turks to the Brazilian team in 2002 World Cup. They have reached the semi finals in Euro Cup. Lets see whether the can reach the finals!


I am convinced Rüstü Reçber's return as keeper is a big part of the magic! What a great game... Türkiye! Türkiye! Türkiye!

Kelly Mac

Someone is looking down on the Turkish team at the moment :)


Go get the Germans!


I agree, that game was amazing. I couldn't believe it. And I'm a completely American fan who was riveted and doesn't even watch basketball.

I just can't wait to see them play Germany (my Dad is rooting for them.)



Philipp Krause

A couple of years ago, I lived in a predominantly Turkish area of Berlin and since then I've always rooted for Turkey in any international tournament. Turkish fans are fantastic, although the sight of bullet casings on Berlin streetcorners after a victory is maybe not for the feeble-hearted. And this has been a fantastic run for the Turkish team, cheers to all Turkish fans who just had so much to suffer and rejoice. However, boys, this is as far as it goes. It will be a tough match for sure, but we kicked out Portugal, we're on a run, and I would cry like a baby if we lost.



I watched the second half of the game and initially was not sure whom I wished to win. I all honesty I have to say that the game was not as interesting as the one from the day before ... until the last minutes obviously. However I have to say that Turkish players won my heart as the play progressed, because I noticed how often they were smiling even in the heat of the intense fight. Is this some unknown to me feature of Turkish culture?

Anyway, congratulations again.


I detest the shoot-outs and didn't watch, but when the cars drove by honking (in Alsace) I knew and was glad. Too bad that the yellow cards will handicap the team for the next match.

Russia tonight was pretty impressive. Is Turkey - Russia in the final a possibility? In a "Euro" tournament?


Russia and Turkey in the final, anyone?

Tord Steiro

Turkey ahve showed up some amazing spirits in the past two games. I did truly believe that the Croats would fend off the attack in vienna, but they did not stand up in the end, by the closest margin possible.

Germany is next - that will be a tough one. I can not imagine the Germans collapse in the end like the Czech did, or lose concentration like the Croats did. So we'll see.

And Russia? You have to love the way they play! With 1-0 to Greece, and ten minutes left, they still sent 8 men in attack! And how they were running last game. With their spirits they can beat everyone, especially Italy if they get an early lead.


They show the Eurocup live at Dulles Airport at the passport control. Long lines cheering. Great. There is hope for the country which is America.


Nice post anonymous daughter.


I DVR'd the replay and stupidly assumed they'd have it scheduled for enough time to fit the game in. So i saw up until the end of the 1st over time.


Congratulations!!. Enjoy the trip and I hope you tell us about IEA congress soon.


Following centuries of conflict, can we now claim that Turkey are the new Greece?


please, spare us of the "centuries of conflict" type clichés.
if only the greek team had exhibited such spirit ...


after many years not seeing eye to eye....? Despite a complex history.....?

Mind you, losers are forgotten, no matter how spirited or pretty. Who did Greece beat in the final?

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I guess that we all enjoyed this evening's great performance. But should we be so surprised - does not the Turkish success illustrate one of your points about the need for domestic politics to manage for globalisation? The Turkish squad have a reasonably high proportion of both home-based & international players plus inspired management.


In the first game where the Turks were the better team they lost. Guess they don't have a monopoly on last minute miracles after all.


commiserations on the result last night........ if only i'd seen it. had to rely on sms updates from a friend


We did not play well in this game and won. Then we played much better against Germany and lost.








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The Turkish squad have a reasonably high proportion of both home-based & international players plus inspired management.

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