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March 22, 2008



I just managed to get hold of a copy and am marching through chapter two at the moment.

All I can say is that it's not light reading!

If you have dates for the original essays, it is not obvious as I read. Since they weren't updated a date helps put things in context, even when the topics being discussed are of a historical nature.


Well, there's this:


(and the much better known Crooked Timber symposium from a few months back)

Dani Rodrik

Thank you Bruce, I was thinking of print media. And robertdfeinman, you are right it's not light reading. But it is an academic book after all, and at least I think it is more readable than most of its genre.


I haven't read your book Dani, but I am discomforted when I read the reviewer's claims that colonialism, multinational corporations, and our current trade regimes are not among your culprits.

And when I read that "countries find and create their own destinies" my skepticism level increased again.

These claims seem somewhat at odds with what I've read here on your blog over the past few months.

Now, obviously, to the extent that countries can escape the legacy of suborination left by colonialism, MNCs, and our current trade regimes, and find and create their own destinies- so much the better. But to disavow or downplay the heirarchical power relations of the past and present seems unhelpful to getting to the place of self determination.

But again, those are the reviewer's words- not yours.


Buce, not Bruce. But I'm a fine one to complain; I gave a bad cite to my own work. Should be:


[Rodrik's book is surely not "worse than you think." BTW I hope to do a comparison with Baumol et al, Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism, shortly--Buce.]



Speaking of blogging your own horn, and your observation that Americans aren't necessarily your most receptive audience...

would you consider a promotional speaking tour in Australia?


It seems to be the same John Kay who wrote "The truth about markets:why some nations are rich but most remain poor":


Also, the in the current FT there is a review:



EPW has a chapter by chapter review:
Click on 'View Full Article'.

John V

I too am not happy to have seen more reviews of it. The review you cite is excellent and matches my views of it.

I like how the reviewer notes your lack of clear solutions. I wasn't sure what to make of that fact and thought maybe I missed something when reading it.

I really enjoyed it. It now sits on my bookshelf next to Bryan Capan's recent book.

Funny, they look similar from far away. The size and cover style are identical.

Overall, I'm glad to have read it. One of the best books I've read this year...

Ken Houghton

And it's still not at the NYPL, and out of stock (if it was ever there) at Strand Books.

Did Princeton just pass on the easy (i.e., library) sales and getting out any review copies?


Dear Dani,
I wrote a review of this book in french !
Great book !thank you


Dani Rodrik

Eric --
Thank you. My mother will be especially pleased, as her French is a lot better than her English. And since she will no doubt read this and the review, I am glad you think well of both me and my book. Phew!

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Thank you Bruce, I was thinking of print media. And robertdfeinman, you are right it's not light reading. But it is an academic book after all, and at least I think it is more readable than most of its genre.

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