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February 20, 2008


Random African

Ah ! I'm not surprised that guy is the co-sponsor. He's been heavily involved in all sort of political, social movements.

As far as the proposal itself.. errr.. It would only be possible if Israel (re)-joined the Asian Conferederation.
And even if they do and the World Cup is a success, would it have that big of an impact ? Are Japan and Korea on better terms after 2002 than before ?


How would they decide the venues for the opening and the final games?

Who would pay for all the infrastructure that Palestine needs?

What about security concerns?

Not a good idea, in my opinion. Trying to solve this conflict with a World Cup sounds like prescribing aspirins for cancer.

Random African

Deciding for venues is not the biggest challenge. I mean if Japan and Korea or the Netherlands and Belgium managed to agree, why wouldn't 2 states who claim the same capital ?


We're not talking about Japan & Korea or the Netherlands & Belgium... this is Israel & Palestine, a whole different thing.

I know it's not the biggest challenge but my guess is both sides couldn't even agree on that...


my Paki friend says:

"that's never going to happen. israel palestine world cup? forget about it. australia cricket team is crying right now about touring pakistan, you think they would tour israel palestine? also, none of the muslim countries recognize israel as a state, so how would they go to a world cup hosted by them? it's a good idea in theory, but i don't think it's realistic. more likely that nepal would host a world cup before israel-palestine!"


I love the idea, no matter how far-fetched. And I share in the amazement that one of the finest defenders on the planet (well, he was a few years ago, but he has lost more than few steps) is a co-author. Viva Barca.


It seems like a bad idea to me. Who would take charge of security? And how many fans would be brave enough to venture there?


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Deciding for venues is not the biggest challenge. I mean if Japan and Korea or the Netherlands and Belgium managed to agree, why wouldn't 2 states who claim the same capital ?

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I really appreciate Israeli soccer players, especially those in English league, and certainly I'm in favor of peace.
But we have to find the way to peace in a different way.

A more dignified way than to invite the whole world to play this beautiful sport in Israeli's lamest stadiums.. :)

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Perhaps the problem is with the misnomer "developing country". Countries that don't have the basics of "peace, easy taxes, and a tolerable administration of justice" may well indeed be caught in a Malthusian trap where greater national income gets translated into high population but not per capita GDP.

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that is a nice thought of you dear Dani, but do you really think that Palestine and Israel would agree on organizing a FIFA world cup?? Soccer is a massive and popular sport and it may foster peace in the Middle East, but they have to be willing too, it is not like horseracing system, it is a more complex matter

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