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February 21, 2008


Nathan Pincheira

It's very interesting how this campaing has been promoted: joy, participation of the common citizen, etc. Here, in Chile, always we ended the esential discution with threats and memories of the past. Is so hard to make positive campaings in latin america?
i hope not.



I think it's perfectly fair to vote in two countries. I vote in France and in the United States. And Obama has my vote as well, although not for the same reason as you apparently!


If you live and pay taxes in both coutries -- it is OK. If at least on of those two conditions is not met -- it's unfair.

Rafael Pastor

Of course. I vote in Peru and Chile. No problem at all.


Both taxpayers AND citizens of a country should be able to vote. As a citizen, even if you live abroad, you are affected by the policies taken back home (if not currently, you might be affected in the future). And yes, my opinion is absolutely biased by being and Argentinean who votes in Argentina and Spain living in Switzerland.

The Obama video is great, just another evidence that americans should vote him : ) (btw, the president of the states should also be elected globally; with this system, americans would not have had Bush incompetencies during the last 4 years)


Not sure if this video will make vote for Obama (even if I could). After all, the Spanish in incorrect. When asking voters to support him (minute 1:18), it says "Voté" on March 4th instead of "Vote". The former is the past tense, and the latter is the infamous "modo imperativo".


This also makes me more likely to vote for him.


I vote in the US and Hong Kong, and just participated in the first-ever global primary . . . with internet voting!

(I can also stand for office in two places.)

Thorstein Veblen

hahaha that's too good...

!Viva Obama! (just pretend that first ! is upside down...)



With all the great reasons to vote for Obama, I don't quite understand why this closed the deal for you.

Am I wrong, or is it just a bunch of supporters singing 'vote for Obama' in a language other than English.

I do think its pretty cool, I just don't see why this sold it for you personally.

ps. For those (like me) who don't speak Spanish, I got this translation from http://thunkdifferent.com

To the candidate who is Barack Obama I sing this corrido with all my soul.
He was born humble without pretension.
He began in the streets of Chicago, working to achieve a vision to protect the working people and bring us all together in this great nation.
Viva Obama! Viva Obama!
Families united and safe and even with a health care plan!
Viva Obama! Viva Obama!
A candidate fighting for our nation!
It doesn’t matter if you’re from San Antonio, it doesn’t matter if you’re from Corpus Christi, from Dallas, from the Valley, from Houston or from El Paso.
What matters is that we vote for Obama; because his struggle is also our struggle, and today we urgently need a change.
Let’s unite with our great friend!
Viva Obama! Viva Obama!
Families united and safe and even with a health care plan.
Viva Obama! Viva Obama!
A candidate fighting for our nation.


I think in a situation where you're pretty much indifferent between your political choices, it's okay to let aesthetics play a role.


i vote in just one country
but i vote twice

Janet V

The number of people who vote twice, be it in one country or two (even considering Chicago politics) will never even come close to the number of people who never bother to vote even once.

Cindy Paladines

Non-spanish speakers may want to check out the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iCJY8bFUtU

The video is a copy of the original, but features English subtitles.

Thanks for sharing, Professor Rodrik!


Dani is engaging in a touch of hyperbole. You see, he's saying, roughly, "This is a very cool video." By exaggerating a bit, and suggesting that a mere video could sway his vote, he is affirming his appreciation of said video.
You could go a step further and say there is additional humor in his comment because, as an economist, he might be expected to -- and surely does--make his decision based on more weighty matters.

Dwight Pierson

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johan Tekila

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Not sure if this video will make vote for Obama (even if I could). After all, the Spanish in incorrect. When asking voters to support him (minute 1:18), it says "Voté" on March 4th instead of "Vote". The former is the past tense, and the latter is the infamous "modo imperativo".

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