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February 09, 2008



Why are you embarrassed?


Oops, I misunderstood. I thought you were embarrassed that he was running.


Are you planning to run in Turkey? =)

Na Prática a Teoria é Outra

I read one of his papers, it was pretty good. But some people (sociologist David Stark, for instance) would dispute that Klaus was really a Tatcherite.

minny mouse

Go Blue!


American econ professor for a President?

Czechs had one too many their excellent beer.


From his CV (from the link):

"Economic Advisor to the Czech Government (President Vaclav Havel, 1994 -
2003, Prime Minister Vladimir Spidla, 2002 - 04, Deputy Prime Minister
Martin Jahn, 2004 - 2005, Minister of Finance Bohuslav Sobotka, 2002 - 05,
Minister of the Economy Karel Dyba, 1990 - 96)"

I don't know about anyone else, but that raises my eyebrows.


Er, never mind. I go the Vaclav's confused.


haider A. Khan

I am really happy that Jan is running. He was on my Ph. D. committee at Cornell and I have known him for many years since then. He is both an excellent economist and a truly decent(in the sense that George Orwell used the word)person. I continue to learn from him.

Jan Šmakal

I'm really ashamed for the majority of Czech legislators. Nineteen years have gone since Velvet revolution and defeat of Communist party, and Czech level of political culture is still so low. Blackmailing, intimidation, connection between electors and intelligence service, government's influence in prosecution of its opponents. Real separation of powers...

And Mr. Klaus? God be with our judiciary, foreign relations and chairmanship in EU.

What else is interesting in my country? The only respectable and well-mannered politician in parliamentary republic is aristocrat - Prince Karl von Schwarzenberg, whose family was persecuted since the fall of Austrian-Hungarian monarchy...

I still can't belive that we screwed this great chance...


Where was he for the last 20+ years? Unlike many he had a privilege to travel freely in Communist world. Why did he not return to his so called "Homeland" to build as he said a better country?
He was, (as he claims) offered the job of the premier by now ex. president Vaclav Havel but did not take it.
He should go back to where he came from and anyone even considering this man as decent, should reexamine their values.


Travelling to the Communist world and trying to do "good things" would result in "bad things" for you, my friend.
Do you know the situation about offering the position of prime minister? If I were him, I would reject too.
There was a lot of insults among politicians during the "campaign" and dirty practics but Jan Svejnar did not say even a bad word against his oponents. Also, the way he accepted his loss is at least unusual at our political scene. If that does not mean he is a decent guy then you may be right.

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