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January 14, 2008


Ken Houghton

The latter.

Obviously Romney has not been spending much time in Michigan these days, either. But most of the people he's not noticing aren't Republicans anyway.

Too bad that Michigan doesn't follow Iowa's example and have an open primary. Oh, wait...


I am particularly interested in those trees of the right height.

Robert P.

Have you seen this movement to have Democrats vote for Romney?


Don't wait for Mankiw to make assessments of the economic views of Republican candidates. He had a lot to say about the economic stance of Democratic candidates during their debates but none of the ill-informed and downright wrong economic positions of Republicans got any scrutiny. So much for an objective economist (is it a 'scientist' or 'engineer'?).


wen - Greg did criticize Rudy G. and John McCain's supply-side silliness. But then Mit has been peddling the same sillines wih ojbectons from Greg.


Without an accent? What exactly does that mean?


I might be overestimating his audience, but I presume that they understand that 'trees of the right height' and 'talking without an accent' are pretty meaningless, while the cloud remark isn't true.

So I suppose the first three remarks were meant as jokes. Then why not the fourth about cars?

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