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January 05, 2008


aaron schiff

Anyone know if there's a video of this online?

Nicholas Gruen

Or the text?

Ken Houghton

There was an entire session the next day ("Stern and Its Critics"; it was in a small room at the Sheraton, so there was overflow into the hallway).

It featured the major JEL respondents (Nordhaus, and especially Weitzman). The report from the room (I couldn't get in) is that Stern had no response to Weitzman's argument: if you don't accept my reasoning, do you believe that Arrow-Debreu is invalid, and that the associated Swedish Bank Lottery Prizes should be returned?

Ken Houghton

The above, btw, in no way counters Dr. Rodrik's description of the talk: it was all that he said it was.

The only thing Stern's lecture didn't emphasize--and obvious I wish he had--is the damage that he already assumes will be done; that is, even if we did everything now, coral reefs as we know them today will still be history.

Barkley Rosser

I agree that Stern's Ely lecture was excellent. I was unable to attend the other session as I was interviewing job candidates, except for a break to chair a session on "The Future of Comparative Economics."


I just found the new 2008 AEA Conference Papers Listings webpage that I guess Stern's lecture may link from … I hope it is, in due course, made available here:


Ken Houghton

And I hasten to note that Barkley did a fine job moderating the above-mentioned session, and that the panelists were uniformly interesting, if not always upbeat.

Barkley Rosser

Thanks, Ken, :-).

Mattia Romani

Nick's lecture can be found on:

The lecture will appear in the May 2008 issue of the American Economic Review.

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