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December 11, 2007


Eric de Souza

Many international organisations (IMF, OECD, ...) require a Ph.D.


Any serious central bank sets Masters degree a minimum, but would prefer Phd.
Because a doctoral degree from a high quality school is a strong signal of one's research ability. And yes, there are research activities at central banks, IMF, WB etc., not only policy work.

Chris Blattman

I would broaden this recommendation byond "assistant professor" to "professional researcher". For instance, many people work as consultants, NGO research directors, program evaluators, and government advisors who are expected to (and often attempt) advanced quantitative reseach. An MA, MPA, or (speaking from experience) an MPAID typically does not prepare one to become a producer of high quality quantitative research. For this type of work, I could not replace (and nor would I want to) the theoretical, intellectual, statistical, and research design skills I picked up in my PhD.


You aren't even considered for a decent UN position (oxymoron?) unless you have a PhD *and* experience. Nowadays, it is almost a minimum requirement.

I agree that "real world" experience is extremely valuable. Why not incorporate this into PhD programs then?

David Clingingsmith

There are intrinsic rewards to doing a Ph.D. that shouldn't be discounted. I think the experience is quite transformative, and that one doesn't have a very good idea going in what one will want out of life once done. I decided to do it because I thought the experience would be worth it, even though I knew it would not always meet the conventional definitions of "pleasure!"



i agree enterly

get the basics
learn the math
and get
the holy h out of ivy town
while you still
might be
of some marginal use
to your fellow



There is more than one good reason to want to do a phd.

To be competitive for any job in an intergovernmental institution you pretty much need a phd and 5 years experience in "the real world", even for entry level positions (which makes the average ages of entry level applicants about 31-32).

Joko Karyanto

Saya mau PhD di Departemen Ekonomi di Amerika, bagaimana caranya?

Adhiguna Mahendra

I think both are important,PhD and real world experience. Which is why I take both now.

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