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October 07, 2007


Ali Sarzaeem

DearProfessor, I am eager to see table of content of your book:one economics, multiple.... but I can not find it in Amazon or your website. could you please guide me how to buy a book without seeing its content?
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As you know there is no such thing as a "Nobel Prize in Economics". Alfed Nobel never intented to celebrate economists ! The Bank of Sweden adopted a cuckoo in the nest strategy to capture the Nobel image and make everybody think that all economists are pure scientists. Something Alfred Nobel's family is still furious about.

But as you wrote yourself on May 09, "The differences among economists on globalization cannot be the product of different economic models or different readings of the empirical evidence,..., Instead, these differences seem to be grounded in differences in ethical valuations and political predilections".

I guess it is not only true for globalization but for many other issues as well. And there is also the Carlos Diaz-Alejandro rule (by the way where does it come from?): For almost any particular conclusion you want to arrive at, there is some economic model that will take you there.

Which makes your radical support for the neoclassical technique all the most surprising. Unless, maybe, yes, I understand: aren't you interested by the Bank of Sweden Prize in economics in memory of Alfred Nobel?

Barkley Rosser

It will not be Feldstein or Barro because macro got it last year. If it is Fama, look to have a critic of EMH attached to it, like Thaler or Mandelbrot.

If it is Helpmann and Grossman, don't be surprised if Dixit or Bhagwati gets added. If Tirole, don't be surprised if Williamson added. Based on broader citation studies, Oliver Williamson is the most cited economists of all time. Hart or Holmstrom could sneak in too.

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If it is Helpmann and Grossman, don't be surprised if Dixit or Bhagwati gets added. If Tirole, don't be surprised if Williamson added. Based on broader citation studies, Oliver Williamson is the most cited economists of all time. Hart or Holmstrom could sneak in too

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