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October 03, 2007



did he say that the life expetancy in Vietnam rose during the war ?

is that true ?


I've used both applets - the world distribution of income one can be obtained from Sala-i-Martin's website, I've forgotten where the other one is - in class before and it's always been a big hit (and yes, I did the excited narration as various bubbles moved around). The students usually start cheering on various countries and let out loud sighs of disappointment for the slipping ones. Also in in the world distribution of income one you can clearly see some of the major themes of development overtime; growth (whole thing moves right), poverty reduction (if the left tail moves right), inequality (if the distribution gets wider or develops humps), population growth (if it gets taller and fatter) and of course you can compare various countries.
I highly recommend it.


Oh yeah;

Per Kurowski

I just shiver to think about this software falling in the hands of Hugo Chavez and being used during his over four hours (last week eight hours) TV monologue trying to convince that his brand of socialism, and that sell gasoline at less than 3 cents of dollar per liter and thereby transfers about 10% form the poorest to those who drive cars, really belongs to the XXI Century.

“When Sweden was like Guatemala in 1933” in terms of life expectancy he says with no reference that probably the health world of 2007 is not same as health of 1933 and also ignores the fact that the endogenous societal efforts of lengthening life between Sweden and Guatemala can perhaps not be that easily compared.

This reminds me of a study that was presented at the World Bank during a seminar titled “The Effects of Mass Media on Public Policy” and that used data about the press in the US from about 1840. When I asked, what can we conclude from that data with respect to our current Latin American realities with internet and TV and cell-phones? I was told... "well you find yourselves currently in a development stage close to the US in the 1840" How do you answer something like that?

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