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June 24, 2007



maybe turks get
to the punch point
of this joke
but since
you need to be careful
enough to follow
the tracks
all the way thru
to the loop back ...
its likely
too much of a task
to expect out of
adhd amerika


Dani, your comment about the WTO is cheap, snide and clueless. The WTO has no Arabic translators because the working languages of the WTO are only French, Spanish and English. Arabic IS a working language in UNCTAD-- - which is clearly where the anecdote underlying the cartoon came from. UNCTAD meetings can and do grind to a halt because the Arabic and Chinese translations of the documents aren't available yet.

The WTO is a well-functioning organization when it is working on its core agenda. UNCTAD isn't, except for a few corners that have generated useful analysis (but no action).

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In general the developed states want natural resources from the less developed states at favorable prices. The developing states want trade policies that encourage local business and nobody cares what the undeveloped states want since they have no clout.

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