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June 20, 2007


Michael Greinecker

I have a unrelated question:

In your paper "Growth Diagnostics", it says on page 8 "In the appendix we sketch the simplest possible endogenous growth model with a number of distortions."

Where is this appendix?

Nico Luchsinger

There's also an interesting article on this subject in the current issue of Foreign Affairs by Kenneth F. Scheve and Matthew J. Slaughter. They argue that the unevenly distributed gains from globalization led to more protetionism and propose a "New Deal for Globalization" that would redistribute income via the tax system.


No matter how many times you are going to tell me that it is raining while pissing on my leg, you are still pissing on my leg.

Better PR is not going to change that.


I am a victim of the H1-B visa program, which is to say, I am a victim of Globalization.

I want revenge.

You may classify this desire as an "exogenous variable" for the purposes of modeling its possible impact.


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The problem of Globalization is that it mainly serves its promoters.

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