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May 24, 2007


Felix Salmon

This is a no-brainer. (1) You specifically asked for help; (2) people don't feel nearly as intimidated talking computers to an economics prof as they do talking economics to an economics prof.

KY Choong

What a useful blog. I too am in the market for a new laptop. I've been considering a Mac and was pleased to see so many endorsements. My only worry is that perhaps the "Mac community" is really a vocal minority. Am I right to think this way? Perhaps the economics professor can point me to some model on network effects to explain why Mac users might be more vocal. Sigh, buying a notebook can be sooooo complicated. (And I don't have a PhD in economics to help work this out.)

Ruben Martinez

I agree with Salmon, besides giving advice to an economics prof. feels nice regardless of the topic.


Prof Rodrik-
As I have mentioned to Andrew Leonard over at How the World Works, the wealth of responses to specific, personal requests by bloggers- especially for technical blogs- is a result of the Hidden Majority of your readers. Because either the topic is too cutting edge, or the analysis leaves little to be said, most blog readers do not feel compelled nor often able to post a comment. When, however, you ask a question such as 'I'm taking a biking vacation, should I continue blogging?' or 'My laptop has crashed, can you recommend one?'-- well those are easy questions for everyone to answer. So what I think it says about us all is that we appreciate your illuminating analysis and leading edge theory, we just don't always write in to say so.

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I agree with Salmon too

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