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May 18, 2007



I thought you wanted an economist up there. ;)


i think that there maust be amartya sen or one economist thad have good knowledge about developing countries.

Justin Delacour

Dani, April Fools was more than a month-and-a-half ago (-:


Stan Fischer and Paul Volcker are both on the short list. But then are a few GOP political types. One rumor floating around is that Bush will appoint Bill Clinton so the former President will have less time to campaign for Hillary.


I don't see why there should be someone that knows a lot about development.
The president of the Bank is a kind of manager. Many CEO's runs firm that sell products about which they don't know much. But they are able to do their job by individuating the strengths and the weaknesses of the organization they run.
Someone with more technical abilities may lack this managerial ability. Of course, having both kind of abilities would be better.

p.s.: very nice blog!


Just wanted to note this survey on the next WB president being conducted by CGD


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