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April 25, 2007



Sorry about that, but You do not need to make that publicity about me or my mistakes XD.

Post fixed!!!


I feel better now.




I arrived here courtesy of Kash Mansori's blog 'The Street Light'. He also shares Prof. Mankiw's enthusiasm for you starting a blog.

I am looking forward to learning anything you have time to share with this economic dilettante ;)

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ooking forward to learning anything you have time to share with this economic dilettante

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Economic development and globalization are inter linked with each other. One must think of economic development in the terms of globalization to make this world look good.

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Perhaps the problem is with the misnomer "developing country". Countries that don't have the basics of "peace, easy taxes, and a tolerable administration of justice" may well indeed be caught in a Malthusian trap where greater national income gets translated into high population but not per capita GDP.


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Of course free trade produce lower costs but, are these lower costs able to flow freely and benefit consumers through lower prices or are much of them captured by someone else?

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