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June 27, 2013


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Josh Greenstein

Congratulations- I look forward to seeing where your new focus on research takes you.


Good luck Professor, Princeton will be lucky to have you.

Ben Khuat

Thank you so much professor. I enjoyed your lectures a lot in the last two semesters although I was not a talking person in the session.

Good luck with everything you are doing and will do in the future.

Best of the best.
Anh Khuat (MPAID14)


Very sad news for future generations of MPAIDs, but very exciting news for you and your future stream of research. Kudos, I wish you the best of lucks.

Sylvana Q. Sinha

Professor Rodrik, Harvard and the MPAID will surely not be the same without you. Aren't you the one who taught us that institutions matter?!?!

Still, your new venture sounds very exciting and I am sure the MPAID will recover, though not easily, from your absence. All the best! I am based in NYC and hope our paths might cross some time!


Many congratulations Professor. This sounds like a wonderful and exciting opportunity. All the best.


I am truly honored to have had the precious fortune to have been in your development course at Harvard.

I am positive that people around the world will benefit from your future rigorous research in this new adventure.

Best wishes, Fausto (MPAID 08)


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