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December 22, 2011


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Congratulations for excellent articles on political developments in Turkey.

This is particularly appreciated as the press in Turkey is afraid to write anything.. Persons are afraid to speak out..

Members of the Parliament are under arrest.. Journalists are under arrest.

Prime Minister pressures press moguls to fire journalists he doesnt like..

Putin regime is not this radical..

As long US stands behind Gülenist/SS forces terrorizing the whole public and as long as US pretends like nothing is happening in Turkey, unfortunately US prestige is
going down..

At the end of the day supporting the so called "soft Islamists" will backfire and they will target US as their enemy..Look at AKP and their speechs in 1980 s 1990 s.. Radical anti-semitic policies is alarming.

Of course, it was tragedy that Israel killed ten Turkish citizens in international waters, 65 miles away from the alleged security zone..

Besides they said they were going to an Egyptian port..

Many Israeli friends regret this also..

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Translated as “Light Houses” these are dorms and centers of instruction run by adherents of Fethullah Gülen.

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