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April 15, 2011


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Since when was weakening the WTO (if that is indeed what's going on) a bad thing? The set-up of the WTO, all of its accords and the GATS in particular were all brought to us by Jeffrey Sach's 'wrong economic model of the world', the same one that brought us the onging global economic crisis and precipitated the 'Arab Spring'. Ironic though it is that the anti-democratic and oligopolistic corporatization of the world that is at the centre of all that the WTO does should have precipitated discounted gucci such an uprising against repression,the fact remains that the way that the WTO was conceived and built is antithetical to everything discount gucci handbags democracy is supposed to stand for. 2945abc45 0421

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lol, oh god, you are both idiots xD the guy who made this video and the comments, but this in the comments is normal... :/

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Absolutely right mate, the media in the UK is Zionist controlled so you only get to hear what they want you to hear. You would never get the likes of Webster Tarpley or the fantastic Max Keiser he tell you how it really is. Also you should try out Press TV  the Iranian news channel in English page 515 on sky channel.

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I have worked in and for IBM for 41 years and I have seen changes that were amazing, and some that were distressing. I am proud to be a part of a company that has brought such incredible technology to the world. I WAS proud to be a part of a company that was committed to its employees. Job security was never an issue if you performed. Today, sadly, as an American, there is no "respect for the individual".IBM is all about satisfying quarterly earnings, out sourcing American jobs. How tragic.

Bin laden's successor is still a mystery, no one thinks the war on terror will easily end. U.S. secretary of state Hillary Clinton 4 admit,

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change and economic growth.

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