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November 09, 2010


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Tim Worstall

Can't say I'm all that surprised: Buchanan's appeal was to much of the same demographic slice and he was positively frothing against free trade deals.

I do wonder though quite how the position of someone like me would be listed: for I oppose trade deals but from the other side. We shouldn't have trade deals simply because unilateral free trade is the only logically sensible position.

See Joan Robinson on the subject of rocks in harbours.

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The whole "free trade is good for US workers" theme has encountered reality, and reality is not pretty.

Free trade is good for Wall Street, and good for CEOs and good for lawyers, and etc., but has been devastating for many US workers.

Either we share the pie or the peasants bring their pitchforks.


"Free trade is good for Wall Street, and good for CEOs and good for lawyers, and etc., but has been devastating for many US workers."

Free trade is also good for US consumers...

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Sean Mulholland

By asking whether free trade agreements like NAFTA are good for the US, the question is stated in a manner that probably splits Republicans and Tea Party Members. Many Rep. and TP members are for free trade, but view NAFTA and other agreements as simply a list of exceptions to actual free trade.

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Impressed with your posting! Tea Party is definitely a group of confusing individuals!


Geoff Robinson

Have you seen Beth Simmons' Who Adjusts? Protectionism is the standard conservative response to economic crisis


I thought the Dems were the commie socialists who hated free markets and capitalism?


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Stephen Smith

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Richard Hoogesteger

I'm not sure why this would be surprising. The Republicans long supported the protective tariff. Personally, I am very skeptical about free trade. The problems it causes with market failures, ranging from slavery to financial fraud appear to be much greater than whatever efficiencies are created.

Cafe Bruges

Yeah.. these tea parties are really harmful for Globalization...


'Global free trade' took my job & 40-year hi-tech career to India back in 2008 & left me with nothing. Yet politically I have naught but contempt for the tea-bagging morons & their right-wing puppeteers. Or is it the corporate-funded 'blue dog' D's who are so fond of these 'free trade' deals?

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Free Trade is good for consumers my ass. Who says I want a cheaper washing machine made in India that is unbalanced and the agitator breaks off in the wash? I'll pay the extra 200.00 and be happy.



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