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December 27, 2007



Something tells me this was not posted by the professor.

Barring the third-person tone, wouldn't the name at least be spelled correctly?

Ken Houghton

Drats. And here I was hoping it was a lost John Sladek novel that was being misspelt.


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Marriage View of Jane Austen


I like these articles , democratic countries formulate policies are both team and the interests of the people of power, but the undemocratic countries rarely for the interests of the people, it is the sorrow of many democracy, I like the western and northern state policy.

keepall 50

you HATE Paul Krugman. Not only has he a Nobel prise (and you don't), he is almost always right!

keepall 50

you HATE Paul Krugman. Not only has he a Nobel prise (and you don't), he is almost always right!


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